Splain it to me Lucy!

I am having trouble understanding a couple of things.

FIRST - There are many people that want to have bigger government to guarantee that the less privileged people have their fair share. They don't seem to mind that as you look at the current social experiments, Centralized Health Care, more Governmental Control, Subsidized Housing and less Local Control, these are mostly failing in the places they have been tried. Europe comes to mind and some of the Health Care issues in Canada. If you need an emergency appendectomy you can generally get in there, but Carol from B.C. said her knee replacement is at least a year away even though she really needs it now. Even the Conservative left want Government to jump in and ban abortion.

SECOND - In Cuba, the centralized control of the value of the dollar is failing fast. One of our Road Scholar friends said that she and a group of friends went on a trip to Cuba. To get approval from both Governments, they each had to take 15 lbs of Medical or Educational Supplies with them as they traveled to Cuba last year. She reported that many of the people that are working in the tourist trades in Cuba can earn tips in a "Convertible Peso" and with that can buy more than is available on the ration system with the Peso available to other workers. Yes, the red beans and rice is fairly cheap, but the pork to go in the beans is rationed and if you want more than a taste, you have to buy it with the convertible Peso. There are Doctors and Engineers working as bell boys to earn enough to feed their family. There is almost nothing in the Capital investment pool in Cuba to allow any building of new homes. Yet, we find Our Government moving towards the most massive debts and central control of the economy.

If you want free medicine, go to Canada. If you want cheap red beans and rice, Go to Cuba. If you really want to be a success, get a good education, work hard, save a little right here in the Good old USA... You might even be able to be the President in Washington, D.C. and make things better but don't send your kids to the Public Schools there.


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