As I went out on the photo shoots each day last week, I would bring my camera in each day and download the new photos. As I went out on the third day at Bryce Canyon, my CF card died. I lost about 30 evening shots of the beautiful rock formations. I had all the other photos on the card downloaded but that card is dead. The Instructor said that I should down load the pictures each day but then format the card. He said that some of the pictures tend to leave remnants on the card and makes the pictures have blemishes on them. I had close to 300 pictures on the card.

To add insult to injury, I bought a new 2GB card and tested it in the motel room prior to going out to the sunrise shoot. I shot three shots in the Motel room and deleted them. I got out on the morning shoot and for some reason the card "lost" its formatting. I sat there in the pre dawn light and tried to find out how to format the card in the camera. There is no relationship to the real way it formats and what the camera menu said. Reading the fine print in almost no light was a real pain. Add to that the fact that at 8000 Feet, it was about 30 degrees. I did finally get it working but it was at best a pain in the butt. I had the D70 booklet in the camera bag but no light to read with.

We are now home and glad to be in off the road. Most of the trip way fine except the I-70 traffic from Vail to Denver. What should have been at the most a 45 minute drive was well over two hours. It was bumper to bumper at anywhere from 8 to 24 miles per hour. It wasn't until we got into Denver that the roads cleared up and I could drive anywhere near the speed limit.


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  1. Hey MUD! Glad y'all made it home in one piece. Man, I could just see myself in that cold air trying to read with no light.

    First off, I can hardly read those little manuals to start with, even WITH a sunlamp.

    Sure enjoyed the photos you posted. Beautiful country for sure!