Zion National Park

Because I wasn't driving, I didn't realize just how easy it was to get to Zion National Park. When I looked at the map later on, I saw just how close to I-15 and civilization it really was. For the first 2 1/2 days we shot Zion in all its glory and splendor. I wish we had spent more time there and that I didn't walk as far the first day. I think my tired legs kept me from walking farther the second day. At the end of the first day there was a walk down the Virgin River walkway that I should have skipped. This is by far my vote for a park to see.

You can go from one great view to another. There isn't a bad shot unless you have a loose nut behind the lens.

Because the other motel was full, we were staying in the Majestic View Best Western. There were three or as many as four buses from Road Scholar groups there and we got by far the best of the deal. The view from the front porch there was almost as good as in the park.
I'm not sure if you break down the price per person, that you could have done our trip much cheaper. I'm sure that our host, Nancy and our two photography instructors were worth almost the cost by themselves. They opened our eyes to things we might have missed.
I have a trick for anyone traveling to an area. Look at the transportation routes and see if there is a shuttle that goes across the park. If there is, get the map and take the shuttle to see if you can really find your way around. On the shuttle, form an overall impression of each area and see if there is any difference to you. Then go back and see the pieces. The shuttle in Zion is free and it would allow you to get off at each stop as another shuttle was soon to come there and take you to the next stop.
Of Zion, Bryce Canyon, and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, I vote Zion the best. I wish we had a week to just go there and enjoy. Perhaps next time.

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  1. Great pictures, MUD. Yes, Zion is spectacular. Really, that whole part of the country is.

    If you ever get a chance to go to Arches, it is also fantastic. Canyonlands is okay, but nothing to compare with the others.