NO, Seriously

This is just a few of those things that cross my mind in the middle of the night:

Every once in a while, you hear about spelunkers that get themselves trapped in some cave in the middle of now where and die. I can't imagine any scenario that would get me inside some little cave or make me want to climb in a hole that I didn't have 100% reliability built in.

I see guys riding on those rice rocket Jap bikes and a lot of the time they really drive fast in and out of traffic. Now that I am an old man, I realize just how poorly old people see and slow they respond. Why is all that's good and holy would someone on a fast little bike ride really fast without a helmet and gloves? I swear I saw a kid riding like an idiot weaving in and out of traffic without a helmet wearing shorts and sandals the other day. Hell, i wear my helmet riding my bike.

Where is the break-over on the price of tools that makes the additional cost too much? For the most part, the Snap-On tools I see in those big old trucks are sure fancy, but I wouldn't pay a hundred dollars for a set of open end wrenches even if they were gold plated. One time I needed a tool to take off the fender on the old Chevy. The bolts have a strange pattern on the back side that requires a special screw driver or a socket with a special bit in it. The only place I could find one was the Snap On guy. As I remember, that one socket cost more than the entire metric set I bought at Harbor Freight. I know that good tools are worth a little more but not a lot more, at least to me.

Well, Kansas finally gave in to the pressure from Washington (I think it was 10 Million Highway repair funds dollars we would have lost) and passed a law that you can be stopped and given a ticket if you don't wear a seat belt. If you read the paper, 90% of those people killed in wrecks here in Kansas aren't wearing their seat belt. Those not injured or with minor injuries mostly are. Why doesn't everyone?

Why does congress get to pass a bill that they don't understand? Why don't they have to pass a written test on each piece of Legislation they vote affirmative on? If it is too complicated, it is written poorly and will, not may contain things that are loopholes written in by the guys paid to write fancy legislation. hell, about half of the time, you hear that they use the excuse that they haven't been briefed on something let alone read it.

I think we need to have a new sayin'. Congress needs to ask WBJPD. That is, "What would Barbara Jean Petty Do?" I'll bet they would shape up soon. Works for me.


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