65 Degrees out there

Now this is what I'm talking about.  Unless you are at the lake and swimming, the weather outside right now is what I expect for Labor day.  We missed the rain they predicted but at least the hot air is on the way somewhere else.  

Yesterday we had the bikes in the truck and were just walking out the door when the phone rang.  It was the kids and they were headed over to the farmer's market.  Did we want to go?  Sure, why not.  The also were going to pick up Austen and Kyler so that always makes it more fun.  Even more fun was the fact that Rikku and her daddy walked with us as we explored the booths.  I think we bought a watermelon, a bag of coffee  and some squash.  By the time we finished our trek around the place, it was just too warm to ride.  I unloaded the bikes and we spent the day inside. 

Geek Squad Guy, Dave

Early in the day yesterday, I put a pork loin in the crock pot.  I am on the verge of changing my favorite meal from pot roast to pork loin in the pulled pork version.  Cook it long and slow in the crock pot and then pull the meat apart with a serving fork.  I put just enough of the cooking liquid in to keep it moist and tender.  I also added just a little BBQ sauce and some additional marinade that has a Soy Sauce taste.  Put that on buns and it is great.  The kids love cinnamon rolls and Barb whipped up a batch that  had a kind of caramel on top.  The kids left me one but Barb ate it while I fooled around.  Oh well.  "You Snooze, you lose."  

Football player sidelined with a busted wing
Sometimes you want to choke them or hug them your choice
The cartoon pages had several themes this morning but the most consistent is that kids start school in the fall.  Here in the heartland they have been in school a couple of weeks.  All we needed when I was a kid was from Labor Day to Memorial Day.  I guess there is so much more to learn today.  Pretty much when we left school, we got to play, not go home and check our Facebook and E-mail.  Throw in an early afternoon western with Deputy Dusty Rhoads and we were set.  I'm not sure that I would know how to set up any more electronic devices to my TV.  Heck, when I watch a movie on Blue Ray it changes the settings and I have to stop and think my way back to the Satellite dish.  Instead of the time on the VHS blinking 12, 12, 12... I have a DVR that contains nothing.  I am so seldom gone when something important is on that I have not found much to record.  I am not sure how to watch things I record so I don't really worry.  I also know there is a setting that will allow me to pause live TV but I am afraid I might cause a warp in the time space continuum.   (Like I could cause that, I just told you I don't record anything) 

Last week I mentioned Barb's cashew-blueberry waffles and here's the proof

See Y'a on Monday.


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  1. but I am afraid I might cause a warp in the time space continuum.


    Cooled off here too this morning, MUD. Thank God for a little relief! It'll warm back up, but at least we're probably done with the 104's for the year.

    Looks like y'all had a great time. Dude, I have never tried cashews on waffles, but Imma do it. Cashews are just plain good, so I'm sure waffles are next on my list. Have a great Labor Day!