The Monarchs are en route to Mexico
Over the weekend, we had a couple periods of nice rain and while we are still behind for the year, it is a nice start.  I know Barb likes to put her plants to bed with their feet wet.  Perhaps the trees will now stop dropping their leaves early and wait for the first frost.  I was in the 50's this morning so that won't be that far away.

It is time to begin my annual rodent eradication program.  I set several mouse traps by the door and I call it my defense in depth.  The mice spend their time in the summer outside and start to look for a winter home about this time each year.  The good news is that they are suckers for peanut butter.  If it was only that easy to get rid of the squirrels I would have it made.  

Here in the heartland, we have a Food Store Chain called "HyVee."   They are based out of Iowa and provide the best meat I can find in the area.  It isn't cheap but man is it good.  They have a rib eye that you can cut with a fork.  I marinade the meat and cook it slow over a hickory smoke fire.  It doesn't get much better than that.  I generally gook enough that we have planned overs as the base for other meals.  I make what my mother called a hash with precooked steak and potatoes that is excellent.  Throw in a side of the couscous salad I made and it is a meal fit for a king. 

At what time in your life have you had problems with your teeth?  As a kid I was a lot less than diligent about brushing and have a mouth full of teeth filled with fillings.  A lot of those have been covered with a crown and I went about five years without a cavity.  The last two times I went to the Dentist I have had to have a tooth or tho filled and the dentist has his eye on a tooth for a crown.  he tells me that it is broken and probably will fall apart some day in the near future.  Oh well, I have enough to smile.

Have a great day out there.


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