What Do I Stand For

I am going to take this topic and explore some of the things I am in favor of or support strongly.  Right now at the start I don't have a final list completed, this will be in the order of them crossing my mind and falling out on paper.  Perhaps someday I will priotorize them but for now, these are just an unedited list:
  • I am an agent of change.  I think that change is going to happen and it is best when there are some ground rules or thought applied in the process.  I would much rather see change happen and studied than to have it applied and a new topic selected . This means that I approve of Sunset rules for Laws.  
  • I do not believe in a formal religion.  Having studied several different religions in Religion 101 at WSU, I think that it is fair to say that I support the Freedom of Religion part of our constitution.  I won't tell you where or when to pray and I appreciate your treating me the same.  Given the choice, I would rather live in a society where the common rules found in the bible are applied than one with no rules.
  •  I grew up in a neighborhood where the differences between the rich and the poor was very evident.  I try to live my life now where I don't make that a big deal.  
  • I think that everyone should feel the importance of having a chance in our society.  I grew up poor and damn sure didn't want to stay that way.  I value the chance I had to get a great education, to work hard and prosper and to be able to share it with my family.  I would hate to have anyone think that it as in me to just give up and accept whatever came my way.
  • I love the motto. "Lead Follow or get the hell out of the Way."  I hope that your life means something and your impact on it is as important to you as it is to me. 
  • I love that our young people feel strongly enough to support our country and to join the Military.  With that said, it is a good way to get killed so I caution you that this is no easy or slight task.  War is the failure of Governments to live with each other and a horrible expenditure of lives and money.
  • Where has the spirit of debate gone?  I think either you are supportive of your party or you are not.  I try to point out what I am unhappy about and not just rail over the failures of earlier people.  
  • I hate debt.  It has been a necessity to borrow money over the period of my lifetime but I paid off my debts as quickly as possible.  I know that my wife Barbara agrees with this as she has guided me to save rather than buy a bunch of toys.  
  • I think our Government should find ways to help those people less fortunate that I am.  With that said, I think people should work hard to find ways to help themselves.   
  • I buy insurance for my house, my car and for my health care.  When I got to where I could do so, I let my Life Insurance lapse.  I do have a provision in my retirement that Barb will be taken care of if I die but not for the hundred thousands we had earlier in life. 
  • I but Lottery Tickets as a form of entertainment.  I do think about what I would do if I won, but I do not need to win to have lived a great life or the ability to live a great life in the future.  

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