Middle of the Week

Mother Nature is playing games with the heartland.  Normally there is a rain associated with the passage of a cool front.  Seems like we are getting cooler each week and we are still 4 inches behind for the year.  The corn crops are almost not worth the effort to harvest and I am not sure what the soybeans are doing.  The beans look good as you drive by but is there any pods as they near harvest?  

My father's first cousin in Dr Mark "Tiger" Edmonds and he sent me a release about his new book. "The Lonesome Lowdown Long-gone Outbound Scootertrash Blues".   Go to drmarktigeredmonds@yahoo.com to find the information about purchasing a copy.  I have read several of his books and I loved them.  Tiger is an author that recounts his adventures on a motorcycle in some of the most beautiful language you you would ever want to read.  On his web site, listen to his recordings and you will be transported to places far away.  His images are from the roads less traveled and sights most of us haven't seen.  For the record, he doesn't ride a Harley and get into fights. 

We finally have hung out a suet block and it is the start of the bird feeding season.  We get to watch the birds as they jockey for a space on the suet block or at the seed feeder.  Last winter I bought a bag of mixed seeds for the ground feeders so they can have something when the snow was on the ground.  I put it in the sunflower seed feeder and the birds have managed to spill almost all of the white Milo out on the ground.  Oh well, can't have everything.

Better run and go get something done even if I don't know what it is.


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