Better Days

The weatherman said that yesterday was hopefully the last day over 100 for the year.  There is a cool front going to pass here tonight and it will be in the mid 80's for the rest of the Labor day weekend.  This morning it was about 80 with a good 10 MPH breeze from the south.  Great riding weather.  Barb and I ride the same route and she stops to take pictures.  I ride another couple of miles and today got in 10.5 miles in about 50 minutes.  I'm sure that the camera and the telephoto lens Barb carries is at least the equivalent of another couple of miles. 

Whenever Barb gets out the waffle iron, she always makes a few extra waffles.  Throw those extra in the freezer and use the toaster to heat them up for a quick breakfast.  Barb likes to put a few blueberries in a cup with a little water and we top the waffles with them.  Throw in a few cashews and a little syrup and it is "good eats."  For the longest time I thought I didn't like waffles.  I could get to love them.

I see that the southern states are due to get a bunch of rain.  My pal Andy in Louisiana said he mowed his yard short and put his mower in storage for the year.  Sounds like he may have to get a shovel and scrape the mud off the lawn soon.  

There are a few things that make me wonder.  How come you have the right to tell people to not display a cross?  I thought we had freedom of religion not freedom from religion.  To me, that means that you can mind your own business and as long as I don't hit you with a cross it is not your right to even notice.  How come we have the right to bear arms and yet people think I have to register my guns?  That is especially true if I want to carry concealed.  Bite me.  That smile on my face might be just the strain of carrying my gun in my pants.  

Oh well, Better run.



  1. The last line about the smile on your face is a keeper. I laughed right out loud!

  2. Carrying concealed! I'm with you 100%.