I cut down two trees in two days and on the third day trimmed up the evergreens in the front yard.  I must have worked the muscles hard enough that they let me aggravate my sciatic nerve.  Now that I have spent a couple days in a prone position, I am slightly better.  The real problem is when I spend to much time on my feet or sit here at the computer and pontificate.  

About noon I am going to take Barb and the bikes over to the ball diamonds at the lake and see if I can even sit upright enough to ride a ways there.  I will stay on the parking lot where the slope is only a couple of degrees and probably Barb will ride out on the bike path. We'll see what we see.
As you can see, there is no shortage of trees at Rabbit Run

Barb and I discussed a route to the east coast this morning.  I think I would like to go up through Flint Michigan to see where my Dad's family came from.  I doubt that there are any relatives there that I know.  The last I knew was Aunt Mary who went to Florida the last I heard.  

Better run and rest up from resting up.



  1. Hope the back gets better! Most of the time, the bod will let you know when it's time to knock off for the day and rest. I push it every once in a while, but pay for it too!
    The trip sounds good! Now that most folks are done with vacations and the kids are in school it's geezer time on the roads! I'm looking forward to breaking out!

  2. Flint, Michigan is where your Daddy's family is from? Really?

    MUD, I am glad to know that at least something good came out of Flint. I thought Michael Moore stained the reputation forever. But, it has now been redeemed.

    Feel better. Do it!