Falling Down

The other day, I was listening to TV and they said that after the age of 65, 2 out of 3 people will fall down at least once each year.   I am pretty sure that I am going to best that record as I fall down all the time on my bike.  The good news is that my recumbent is built with the seat near the ground and I never have far to fall.  In fact, twice this week I have taken a tumble and the worst is a small scrape on my right knee.  Yesterday I fell down and I landed on my back and rolled.  No major bruises or skin scrapes.   I do have a slight balance problem caused by my ears but I try to keep "Nose over Toes" like they told my mother for years.
Life is pretty good when your view point is the top of the pole

Yesterday the weather went from 60 to 85 way too fast.  We ate lunch and waited an hour to go riding.  I was dressed for a ride about 11 AM and by 1 PM I was way too warm.  We did about 10 miles and it felt pretty good.  

544 Byrd, Wichita, KS 1968

Oh well, if your biggest decision is what picture you want to use on your profile on Facebook, life is pretty good.



  1. Not to worry. I will take care of the excess in our account. I just bought tickets to the KU basketball games and have several other purchases to make. Be careful what you ask for. MG

  2. I know what you mean about falling!
    The cardio med's sometime make the gyro's go a little screwy. I tripped in my storage house last week and landed on my face. No damage, just surprised! I was glad no one saw me fall!!!
    We are faced with the same banking decision. I need to get with the program!