Just a Couple of Miles of Smiles

Yesterday Barb and I both got our morning work done and we just decided to go put a few miles on the trail.  It was a wonderful day and while a little warm, the breeze made it feel just right.  Somewhere about 8 miles just feels so right on the bikes.  It is great to get up the next day and not feel like we did anything that was too hard. I think our 20 miles on the KATY was a little far but no real harm done.  Today is clean the garage day so I am not sure Barb can be detracted by a bike ride.

We went to "On the Border last night with Dave and his wife, Barbara.  Barbara and I split a Fajita plate and I'm sure that we both got all we wanted to eat.  In fact we didn't finish the rice and beans and you know I love them beans.  The plate we ordered included some shrimp and pulled pork.  I had never had pulled pork as a fajita but it was darned good that way.  I guess I should really ask if there is a bad way to eat pulled pork.  Put a pork loin in the slow cooker and tear in for some wonderful eating.  I do salt and pepper it when I cook it but, I wait until it is done to add any sauce.  

I wonder if my writing turns to food in the early morning because I haven't had breakfast yet?  I do enjoy cooking and eating.  I try to meet Barbara's standards that every meal has some green vegetable and go light on the grease.  She has been doing weight watchers for a while and makes weight every month.  She looks good and seems to be very healthy.  When we don't ride, she tries to get in several thousand steps each day.  What ever floats her boat.

The picture above is my niece Jennifer.  This year I hope she gets promoted to Captain in the Kansas City Fire Department.  She is one of my favorite people and she's as smart as she is good looking. She has been a rower a lot longer than I have been a bike rider.  
Have a great day out there.


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