This may Turn Political - Warning! Warning! Warning!

Every once in a while, I just can't turn it off long enough to relax without a good rant on the blog.  Today's is along the lines of Leadership 101.  Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way:
  • It seems pretty clear to me that our congress is headed for a major turn over soon if they don't get things sorted out.  They would be well served to make a list of ways to fix what's wrong and prioritize it.  I am pretty sure they don't have a clue how to solve problems and they think that throwing money away is their job.  A party that communicates to us a list of what they will do could blow the others out of the water.
  • Businesses have a model to follow.  Make a profit, change your business processes to help make a profit or close the doors.  Our post office is headed for collapse or a major bail out.  Their cheese has moved and they can smell out a better way to find it.  Drop Saturday mail delivery first. 
  • Our Education system claims they are failing because of a lack of money.  The smartest people we have seem incapable of finding out ways to make education relevant and also find ways to not rely on the old brick and mortar establishment.  We are paying about $5,000 per student per year right now.  Put up high speed nets in our communities and connect kids in new ways.  If we are all going to make a living on computers soon, why are we using the old pencil and paper method in our schools.  Why do we have to stop educating to test the kids.  Build it into the curriculum and find out the base as we go.  Isn't there a model that tells us to teach, review and test.  reteach the things that we didn't do well in and then retest.  Every once in a while go back and review the important stuff and keep the ball rolling downhill to the goal.  Good ideas don't include the need for a Doctorate.
  • I am fortunate to be married to a darn smart woman.  She is thrifty, clean and can be tough as hell when it is needed.  She said that in her opinion, it isn't all bad for the Government to play Robin Hood and take from the rich to give to the poor.  I keep worrying that we might look like that target but she says unless I start missing meals to shut up and go along for the ride.  Right now, we pay almost a dime on the dollar in taxes as sales tax.  What is the top limit?   Is this a way for all to pay a share?
  • We have four cars that run and one or two parts and a-part cars in our yard.   The newest is seven years old and you wouldn't believe what we pay in property taxes on them.  Seems like we should have to only pay taxes on one and then get to move the tags to the car we want to drive.  Flat fee for a tag projected on a flat screen where the tag should be and no more standing in line.
  • Yesterday we went for a ride on the new part of the Shunga trail.  I am convinced that from now on, every new street needs to have a bike lane built in.  With a few dollars and a little imagination the old railroad trails can be upgraded for bike travel too.  We are going to ride the KATY train system starting in Clinton Missouri soon.  
Enough good idea, time to retire the good idea fairy for a while.


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