What is better than Red Beans and rice on Sunday?  Left over Red Beans and rice on Monday.   I guess I am my Daddy's son as he too loved a pot of beans.  Mom's version was navy Beans and ham and I prefer either Pinto beans or Red Beans.  I need to get some shredded cheese and some jalapenos to spice up the corn bread.  Now if I could just figure out how to power my recumbent on methane gas, I'll bet I could really power myself around the lake. 

Friday morning last week, I hauled out the trash and forgot that because of Labor Day the trash service would come on Saturday.  Late Friday night a wind storm blew through and scattered trash all over the place.  Barb took pity on my and she went out and picked up the trash and carried in the cans. 

This morning Barb fixed me some home made bread with some pear butter on it.  Mighty tasty.  The Asian Pears didn't do well this year due to the dry and heat but the yellow pears have done fine.  With a lack of apples or Asian pears, she has been playing with the regular pears.  The house sure smelled great yesterday with the crock pot full of pears and cinnamon.  

Better run and get ready for a bike ride.


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