I can figure out if my dyslexia is getting worse or my attitude about typing is flagging.   I look back over the Facebook posts and realize that when I sent a message my letters looked OK but now are reversed.  When I typed the title of this post, I wrote Carp.  Spell checker won't red line a word that is something else in its other form. 

The other day our Mayor told a joke about Dam, Mothers Against Dyslexia.  You know, that  joke is the kind of joke I resemble.  Like the Dyslexic Atheist that believed there was no dog.  We expect our comedians to be irreverent but our politicians not so much. 

I went over to my rental house and found that my tenant has a new dog.  She has climbed the wall by the front door and it looks like someone kicked the door in.  I am going to do some work there in a week or so and I guess I will have to remind them that they are responsible for the damage the dog does.  I am a little pissed off that they have jumped up and down on the bathroom floor in the last few weeks and it now needs some serious work.  The last time I was there it was mostly cosmetic but now the structure is seriously bad.  Probably would have needed work this year but now it is a lot more serious.  I will replace the bathtub and a major part of the floor.  Not sure what I will do to put down a new flooring yet.  I need to get into the wall behind the vanity so I will probably replace it with a newer one.  Oh well, we'll see what comes from the whole mess once I get it torn out.   I am going to rent a porta potty and they will shower at my other rental house.  The porta potty is as much for me as it is for them.  

Barbara and I have been working on the yard lately and it is clear that the more I get done, the more I want to do more.  There is a place by the front door that just cries out to have a retaining wall built.  I also need to move the wisteria that has been there for several years and never bloomed.   I also need to hire the nephew to do some mowing on a regular basis.  he can use the money and I can use the help.  

We are going to have the family over this weekend for a gathering.  It is to celebrate the April Birthdays.  This year is one of those years where a whole bunch of people hit birthdays that end in 5 or zero.  My mother would have been 90, my brother-in-law will be 75, a sister will be 70, I will be 65 and my brother will be 60.  I will cook burgers and brats and Barb will make (or buy pies)  My mother often told us that she would rather have a good pie for her birthday over cake.  I like a good cake  now and then but won't turn down a slice of a good pie.  

My mother, the mechanic

I hope the weather settles down some soon.  Yesterday we set a new record high of 97 and this morning it is about 55 and falling.  Our normal temperature swing is about 20 degrees and this seems more like Barstow California where a 50 degree swing is not unusual.  Will be in the 60's this weekend.  We will need to watch for Frost overnight Saturday.  Sweat to frost in a couple of days.  Sheesh.



  1. That kind of problem is exactly why I sold my rentals. As we get older we get less tolerant of fixing other peoples screew-ups. Just normal maintaince gets inconvient to do and deal with. Now may be a good time to look at selling and get retired for real. Ray .I

  2. Add: About the dog, When I allowed pets, I always charged a pet deposit of $50 to $100. That reminds the tennant about damages.

    Suprise annimals showing up in a rental used to piss me off. Thats why I put a no pets in my rental agreements. Ray