I am looking for inspiration to get me ready for the November Nanowrimo  writing period.  I could easily put 50,000 words together if I copied the war stories but I would really like to find a new topic.  I have kind of flirted with the topic of the "7 Deadly Sins" and how I have given in to some of them in my life.   The problem is that there probably aren't 7 new words about that topic, only stories about lives lived in search of the sins. Notice that I didn't say avoidance of them.  What fun would that be?

Seems like this has been the month for our DirecTV to break.  Seems like the repairman has been here twice to fix or replace parts.  We did have a lightening strike last year and with a little moisture it is showing up now.   The guy showed me where the cable showed black marks in the connections.  The good news is that he has it all fixed for now.  

I have a new tractor, it is an AGCO Allis 4650.  It is an Italian made tractor and I am just learning how to make it all work.  The first toy I have for it is a Box Blade and it takes me about four trips up and down off the tractor to get it hooked up.  Barb and I both have one safety rule and that is I can't leave the driver's seat with the engine running.  Shut it off, climb down, adjust the blade, get back on, start the engine move the tractor, shut it off, climb down,  over and over until I get it adjusted.  It took me about 15 minutes to get it hooked up and as soon as I did, the rain started and I had to quit.  Walking out to get the paper this morning, I noticed that it needs to be adjusted to make it level when it is down.   This is all new stuff for me and it will take a while.   

And, no, I don't have a trailer so I can't bring it to your house to do work.  

See you later.


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  1. Congrats on the new tractor! Good rule about shutting it down when making adjustments. It looks about the size of the old Ford 8N.
    What, no trailer? Smart man, otherwise you would be plowing everyone's spring garden up for them!
    DirecTV... Every once in a while our's has a mental breakdown, but the service people are prompt, even up here on the ridge! Bad weather..
    forget it, it's out until the storm passes!