When and Where Will it Start

It is my hope that I am not the only one out there that feels we need to have a Mulligan on our National Budget?   It is my hope that it will happen before the rest of the world just call us Greece and tell us to go pound sand.   In my perfect world, the Congress would pass a budget that includes a percentage of the National Debt (Paid off not increased) and be within the amount of intake they get from our taxes paid.  Yes, boys and girls I will say it again - Out go must be equal to or less than income.

The only solution for this is for our Government to stop trying to fix all our problems with new legislation.  Then, we will need to trim down each budget area until we hit something that resembles equilibrium.  Just so you know, there must be some increases in our spending and let me share you where I think that needs to start.

First, Education or re-education of all the personnel we will downsize from the Military needs to start now and be ramped up quickly.  I am not talking about high priced college educations for everyone, some of the personnel need to be able to be plumbers, carpenters, brick layers, auto mechanics and electricians.  A good share of the budget will be needed by the VA to pay for all the young people that will need adjustment to a life where they make the majority of the daily decisions.

I also think there needs to be increased spending on programs that pay for the education of teachers.  I would include in that spending a way that the young men and women can work in a school as well as go to school.  They would be paid for their time helping as a para and a stipend to help them pay for the education would be included.

The negative I would require is that our Military would have to be combined in a way that a lot of the Military just wouldn't agree to.  I would have an Army with a reserve.  I would have an Air Force with a reserve and a Navy with a reserve.  The National Guard would be the reserve of the Army.  The Air Force Reserve would be the reserve for the Air Force and the navy would have the Naval reserves.  The Army would absorb the Marines and the Navy would absorb the Coast Guard.  Homeland defense and the Border patrol would be included in the Army and overlaps eliminated.  This would take about three years to sort out and absorb all the people in an orderly transition.

Instead of all the wrangling going on in Washington, they would have to stop and make a list of the biggest problems and fund the solutions only to the limit of the amount received.  That should keep them busy.

Starting as soon as I could make it happen, the Military we have overseas would be brought home and our focus would be on our problems.  The foreign aide would dry up and let the Arab world with all the money pay for the problems in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan or whatererstan. 


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