What Does it Take?

Today one of my nieces asked the question on Facebook - How Many States have you traveled in?  I brought up a map of the US and started my list.  I got to 46 states and the District of Columbia.  Then I made a list of the States I haven't visited.  I got 5.  Hum 46 +5 = 51.    I guess I will have to work on that list.  I have a terrible time making lists and then finding the duplication.   I have always been very creative and verbose but it is that precise element that seems to be lacking.  What does it take?

Yesterday I entered all of Dave's Tax information in Turbo Tax and it spit out the data in top speed.  The problem was that somewhere between the two forms, (Federal and State) something didn't work out right and it said they owed about $700 in State tax.  OK, back to the forms, Dennis,  It had to be one of those minor things that comes back to bite me.  I thought about it hard and then I realized that I had only entered a couple of things and when I looked at that data my error was obvious.  The final scorecard was they will get a $3.00 refund from the State - No, wait, the State won't refund anything less than $5.00.

I feel kind of bad.  My neighbor has mowed her yard four times and I haven't mowed my complete yard once.  I have made a half assed attempt to mow the front part but haven't got the paths yet.  Now the front needs mowed again.  Oh well, it is only grass and mowing is overrated.  

Barb is a Master Gardener and has been growing her plants for the garden early.  I can't remember how many times I have asked her if she needed anything when I went to town and she replied, "Potting soil."  I even put together a set of outside shelves so she could move the plants outside.  The last couple of nights, we have covered the shelves with a blanket so a stray frost doesn't get them.  She has a demonstration garden in a wagon that she rolls in and out depending on the temperature.  It is basically a bag of potting soil in a wagon with the plants in it.  It is kind of a cool idea.   It would work for people that want just a couple of plants and want an early start.  It is a demonstration for a Green Fair she is working on later on this month.

Oh well, I'd better get busy and finish these Taxes so I can get out and mow.


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