My View on War

Being an old retired Army guy and veteran of the Vietnam conflict (I hate that term)  I feel that I have earned the right too comment on War and why we do it.

First of all, let me state clearly that it is the failure of the Governments to talk about what is important that brings them to throwing the lives of their youth into a place that kills a lot of them. I'll bet they would be a lot more careful if they had to go fight the war rather than the young men and women. It is hard to govern and a hell of a lot easier to throw men and women into the pit of war than to make things work right.  In my looking at history, I can't find many instances where peace and prosperity just broke out and all was well.  Mostly it was the change that war brought that made people realize that peace is a lot harder but a lot safer. (and I might add cheaper)

The troops that have been there call it Ass-Crackerstan!  or for most of recorded history, the most desolate place on earth has been the scene of battles.  How can we ever achieve peace in a place where people have to carry AK-47s to be safe?  How can we do what the English and the Soviets could not do?  How can we send three times their GDP into the country fighting a war that can't be won.   Oh sure, there are some guys that go there and are safe in rear areas but the average guy out in the countryside is just one Improved Explosive Device from a Medivac trip to Germany or home in a metal coffin.  

It may be clear to some of you that because you are safe the war is on someone else's shoulders.   It is for those young men and women out there that I think this is one war that is just more of the same.  I don't know who said it but "Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is lunacy." 

Bring our Soldiers, Airmen, CIA and DEA guys home and let the Afghanistan people work it all out.  We sure as hell can't fix what is so broken.


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