Suprise, Suprise, Suprise.!

Last year the KU team went to the NCAA Playoffs with a roster filled with players that should have won it all.  They were the number One pick and even Obama thought they would go all the way.  They bailed out of the playoffs then like it mattered not to them or anybody.  Reset the clock to 2012 and here are the Jay Hawks playing like they forget to play until the end and then win their games.  Surprise is the bracket busting results by the Hawks.  It was easy to pick Kentucky on their side of the bracket but the State of Carolina has to be in shock.  The headlines on the sports channels read - Kansas Upsets Ohio.  No they didn't, they beat them twice this year and the only difference was the location of the game.  What I love is that Bill Self wasn't Coach of the year and the winner has been setting home watching the games on his TV.  Eat That Suckka!  I refuse to use the name of that coach and team.

Final Four Shirt using Duct Tape
The master gardener had some duct tape and she made the shirt shown above.  Just shows to go ya' that for a little over $4 and some good tape you can have one of those fancy shirts.

Today is the first day of April and we are predicted to have a 90 degree day.  The Master gardener is still saying that the last frost free day is somewhere about the 15 of April.  She could have planted a garden about the 15 of March but she is still nursing her plants in and out of the green house.  The Garden has been ready for a while but not yet for her.

Last night the Mega Millions Jackpot was about 600 Million Dollars.  The estimate is that the three winners will each take home about 100 Million after taxes.   Just how much trouble could you get into if you were to win that amount of money?   I would take Kenny's advice and start a contest.  I would give members of the family a set amount of money and have them report what they did with the money.   The person with the best Return on their money would win another round of money.  I am sure that the Master Gardner would have a solid handle on the money.  The paper reported that there would be only $19,000 a day to spend if you had won it all and invested the money.  I'm pretty sure she would put me on an allowance and make me mind what we spend.  

I got a round of bad news from my doctor this week.  he said that I am too fat and need to lose weight and exercise more.  For years my fasting blood sugar has never been over 100.  This time it was right at the limit of being pre diabetic.    Both my father and his brother are diabetic and if I don't get a handle on it right quick, I'll be right there on that list.  I guess I have been on a "see food diet" this year.  A few more veggies and salads won't hurt me.  Just having this great weather has already increased the exercise I get.   In fact we are about to go put the bikes on the Shunga Trail.

Yesterday Dave, our one and only son, had a new refrigerator delivered.  That Samsung Company sure has some nice things.  It came with an ice maker and a cold water tap  but there was no line by the new location. I went over and helped him install the line.   The great news is that my brother-in-law, Kenny, had hooked up the dish washer on the hot water line and it was easy to just duplicate that hook up on the cold water line. The good news is that Kenny and I had re-installed the Kitchen cabinets and I knew where to run the waterline so it would reach properly.  The biggest difference is that I duplicated what Kenny did in brass fittings and the parts and the plastic line ran about $40.00.   Yes, Barb would tell me that it is Petty Cash and to "Get over it Dennis!"  Dave's house is a Manufactured home and the water lines are a combination of PEX, Plastic lines and braided steel water lines from the shut off valves up.  It takes a trip to the hardware store with a drawing and a list to fix anything.  The funny thing was there was a guy at the Hardware store doing the exact same thing I was doing and didn't have a clue what size any of his stuff was.  The guy there tried to help him as well as he could and if the guy guessed correctly he at least went home with the right parts.  The guy tried to tell me what I had and and he was wrong.  I went home with the right parts, the first time and it worked and did not leak.  You don't have any idea how many trips I have made in the past to the hardware store because I wasn't sure what I had.  That applies mostly to Dave's house as the rest of my joints have pretty conventional lines and standard parts.  

Oh well, I'd better go get the bikes ready.


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  1. The standard line from the medical community in regard to diabetes is "Excersize, eat smaller portions, and lay off of the carbs and sugar" It works for me keeping my type 2 under control.
    Man, what I wouldn't give for a fresh glazed donut!
    Like the T-shirt idea. Know what you mean about a mfg. home. My son used to own one, nothing was "standard" in that thing. I'm holding off on the garden for a week or so, just in case we get a cold snap, was in the high 80's here today, actually had the A/C on in the house.