Is it Summer Yet?

The wife finally broke down and turned on the Air Conditioning this weekend.  It was about 90 degrees yesterday and with all the pollen in the air, we needed something cooler and run through the air filter on the AC. I do love to get out and work in the fresh air, but there is a time to take a day or two off now and then.   About the time I started watching the Girls NCAA Final four, my Direct TV just went on the fritz.  Afraid that my TV would not be there for the big game tonight, I called their service department.  I got a nice young lady that had a script to check and I wanted it fixed, not to go over the damned check list.  Yes, It is plugged in, yes, the cables are in place, yes, I reset it.  Finally now to the good stuff.  She ran me through the controls and on one obscure little menu there was the words Dual on the screen.  reset it to single and then do the set up.  Now it works.  I guess because it is a DVR one of the two cables is out and putting it on single tells it to use the one that is OK.  They will still come out and replace the connection on the dish.  For the record this is their second visit in less than 30 days.  We go for years with nothing wrong and then now twice.  OH well, I will be able to watch the game tonight on one of the two TV's.  Almost 100 inches of screen to watch.  

Today's horoscope for Barb said for her to not sweat the Petty things.  I tell her all the time to not pet the sweaty things.  I think she'll be safe for now.

I am about to go upstairs and call a dealer in Big Springs about his Box Blades for moving gravel.  If he can make me a good deal, I'll buy a used blade but if not, I'm headed out to Tractor Supply to buy one of theirs.  I am not as fond of the new stuff because the old stuff is just built heavier.  I plan on using the blade for a long time and don't have a lot of use for things that break down a lot.  

Speaking about things tractor related,  I measured the tractor and with the sun screen and the Roll Over Protection Bars, the darn thing is about 10 feet tall.  Just no way I could ever get than thing into the garage.  Does anyone have any good ideas on what to build?   I am thinking that Barb would like to have a combination building and green house out by the garden.  I am not sure what Barb's budget will allow, but I m pretty sure that if it includes the words green house, there might be more room for a building.  

Oh well, I'm not getting anything done just sitting here.   You can bet we'll be sitting home tonight about 8 PM to watch the Kentucky Wildcats play the Kansas Jay Hawks.


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