Workin' Outside

During the basketball season and winter, I don't get as much done outside as I would like.  The Doctor said that I had just set around on my duff too much and with the extra 10 lbs I gained, I also have my blood levels way off.  There is a magic new number the Physician's assistant called A1C and it indicated that I was way over the line and almost in that range towards diabetes.  Both my Dad and his Brother had it so I need to get in shape and start working that reading down.  I am working outside a lot more and just climbing up and down off the tractor is a work out.   At least the 50 degree weather this morning was combined with a southerly breeze rather than yesterday's north wind.  I sat in the lee of the house and put Barb's new shelves together.  

On my trip to the VA, they insisted that I get the new virus protection shot.  I guess there have been a lot of people that are having shingles and this is to protect me from that.  We'll see.

I am going to cut down a couple more trees today and see if I can make the driveway much better.  I want people to be able to circle in and drive out without backing between the trees.  There is no shortage of trees here so I'm not worried about too much sunlight. '

I know it is spring here because i had my first tic yesterday.  I am having one heck of a time getting the whole darned thing out.  Sure hope it was not one of those Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick fever ticks.  I guess by next week we'll know.

Better run.


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