The Day After

All day yesterday, the weatherman predicted that the tornado indicator was at 10 on a scale of 1-10.  It was kind of like getting ready for a blind date and then being stood up.  A lot of worry but then nothing.  Most of the storms lined up West of here until they fizzled out about midnight.  the front moved to the east overnight and now as the day heats up the major storms are well to the east.  Our claim to fame in all of this was about 1/4 inch of rain.  We could have used more rain and less storm warnings.

This morning Barb and I talked about what to do today.  The great thing is that we both really don't have a better place to go and staying here in our nest is pretty much OK with both of us.  Yes, I know that is boring but when something is nice, why mess with it.  

I spent a little time out in the garden yesterday putting the grid of Barb's drip irrigation system together.  It just didn't seem that there was enough parts there and finally I went up in the garage attic and found the other half of last year's system.  Now Barb needs to decide where she wants to plant and we can run the finish ends to where the plants are.  I have enough of the small tubing (1/4") and I think enough of the ends that lets the water out slowly.  If you have a place where the line ran last year and don't want a line there this year, they make Goof Plugs to plug the old holes.  Sure hope I have enough of them.    

I have decided (Or Barb decided for me) that we need to improve the flow of our driveway.  I have had to cut down a couple of trees and dig the stump out of a couple I cut down earlier.   Damn rocks sure dull the heck out of a blade.  If I see a spark, I just know that I will need to get the sharpener out and work on the chain.  The new Poulan chain saw is the best motor and set up I have ever had.  In the past if the blade got loose, I would have to stop and use tools to tighten the blade back up.  Now they have a way to loosed a thumb screw and roll a knob and then tighten the thumb screw all by hand with no tools.  

Oh well, enough about life in paradise, on with the rest of the day.



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