Mike Wallace is Dead!

I wonder -  Did Mike Wallace's take no prisoner's style of news on 60 minutes help fuel the run away problems on the news today?  There is a place for the news to find and report things that are wrong but there should be a place for some good things also.  I for one just turn off programs that are nothing but controversy.  I just can't stand the kind of program that brings a bunch of people together and they try to talk over each other.  Washington Week and the View are neither on my list to watch.  If a program has to have bouncers on the stage to quell the fights, click...

Yesterday I was watching a program where a lady financial adviser brought on a couple of former fund managers to tell us what's wrong with the economy.  It seems that one blamed the Dave Ramsey effect.  If we as consumers weren't trying to limit their debt things would get better faster.  The other guy said that the Government needs to borrow more money and thus increase the size of the GDP.  Barb would say these guys were making things up faster than I can.  The one funny thing said was that the Fed is like a bartender at an AA meeting.  No matter how much they cut the rate (or price) no one is drinking.  Barb wondered if the restrictive loan policy by the banks might have a lot more to do with the problems in the economy.  No matter what the banks do, they got and will continue to get a lot of blame when loans are made to people that can't pay the loans back.  I'll bet the bankers are more conservative than I am. Why not, they can make more money charging new fees than they can with the risk of bad loans.

We had a nice Easter dinner yesterday.  Our son and his wife (1/2 of da'Barbs) came over and they brought their friend Hillary and her dad.  We swapped a few war stories and tall tales and it was kind of nice to hear tall tales of the sea told.  He is an old Salt and served right on the heels of WWII.  He was a Naval reservist and activated for the Korean conflict.  We had been in several places in common.  I went to Treasure Island in the mid 70's but when I was there the Interstate between San Francisco and Oakland was completed.  He traveled out to treasure Island by boat when he was Stationed there.  We both shipped out of Long Beach but he was on the ship he was assigned to and I was on a troop transport headed for Vietnam.  It is always interesting to see that a lot of the interactions from time period to time period centers around controversy.  Some of my memories do but I also have a lot of stories that cause me to smile.  

The weather here in the heartland is a lot more like the normal April weather than it was last month.  Barb has several racks of plants on the deck that she has to go out and cover to keep the frost off.  It was about 40 this morning and I'm not sure if it got much cooler earlier.  When the temperature gets into the 30's there can be pockets of frost that will nip the leaves right off small plants.  Barb is working hard to keep that from happening.  I don't know if she has ever worked harder than she has this year.  

I'd better get upstairs and get to cleaning on the post holiday lunch mess.  


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