Well, Looks like basketball is about over.

Here in Kansas we had a good run this year with Wichita State, Kansas State (Men and Women's) and Kansas (Men and Women's) all in the NCAA Basketball Championship.  Our local College, Washburn made the DIV II playoffs and were eliminated by Pittsburgh who lost in the elite 8.  Now that the Baylor Girls have ended the season, I will focus on other things for the rest of the year.  I have been known to watch a Pro Basketball game late in the evening but never baseball.  Hockey is a game where they should call the cops and the first time a guy hits someone with a stick or a fist should haul the offender off to jail.  I'll bet that would cut the fights right down.  I think parents should never let kids watch hockey. Kinda like MMA where it isn't on until late at night because of the violence and blood.  Did you read where some idiot did that "Bare Naked Choke" on his cousin and the cousin died?  Helped clean up the gene pool in that family.

We have had a run of hot weather here for the past week.  Today it will only be in the 70's and should be great for being out in the fresh air.   I do have some tax work to finish but that is either early or after a nap.  I would be out working the driveways over but I lost the key to my new tractor.  I have a new ignition switch en route and hope that UPS delivers it today.  Three screws and plug and chug wires and I'll be back up PDQ.  You can bet that my second stop will be the Hardware store to have a couple of copies made of that damned key.  You can bet that sometime next week I'll be doing something and find that old key right where I left it. 

This has been an interesting week in my horoscope.  It has been telling me that it is a good week for financial matters.  They don't know squat about how much I will owe the IRS of they wouldn't print such crap.  Yes, I know you don't feel sorry that I have the money to pay my taxes and probably am overpaid in retirement. Oh Boo Hoo for Mean Uncle Denny.  (Remember that's where MUD comes from)

Have I shared with you that I am married to a wonderful photographer?   Barb has an eye for things that I just walk by.  It does help that she has some great NIKON equipment, but you have to be able to think as well as shoot.  
Kansas Spring time sky
I was outside a lot this week and never really looked at how pretty the sky was.    I am a bad weather fan rather than a fair weather fan.  I start looking when the clouds are dark not pretty fluffy and white. 

Oh well, enough of this, on to bigger and better things.


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