Damn, Damn, Double Damn!

The other day I stopped at Sam's club to pick up a few things and saw a big old plastic jar of the Deluxe Planter's mixed nuts.  I love nuts and we have eaten them many times.  That night, I got the munchies (did I tell you about the diet?) and took a small hand full downstairs.  About 10 minutes after I ate the nuts, I felt prickly all over my face.  I could tell in a flash it was a cotton seed oil reaction.  I went up and checked the nuts.  Damned if they haven't started to process their nuts with cotton seed oil.  With all the good nut oils, you would think they could find something better than cotton seed oil.  I was in Sam's club yesterday and they have also used cotton seed oil on their cashews.  At least it wasn't the mixed nuts.  My daddy was allergic to nuts and cotton seed oil. I saw a can of mixed nuts on the aisle by the register and checked and danged if they too don't use cotton seed oil.  It is a conspiracy I tell you.

Got the Taxes done yesterday and sent off.  The bad news is we had to write a big check, the good news is we had the money to do so.  How am I?  Fine as Frog Hair.  How am I?  If I were any better vitamins would have to take me.  How am I?  If I were any better I would be two people.  Don't feel bad for me..

If you were to go outside right now, it would feel like the April it really is.  So far this spring we have been at least a month ahead in the average daily temperature.  Right now it is sprinkling and overcast.  It feels cooler than it really is.

In one of my business classes, we did a marketing plan and then simulations by the computer over a period of time and the goal was to be the company that made the most money in the end.  The business model my team put together was one that gave the consumer a product that used an additional product that was bought and regularly used.  I seem to think it was a new razor and we then sold the blades.  Needless to say, the initial period we made zilch but in the final period of the run we cleaned up.  I think the rain bird drip irrigation system is like that.  We got a kit pretty cheap and the parts each year to make it work for the new year are expensive   A little package of "Goof Plugs" or plugs to patch last year's holes are about $4.00 for a package of 20.  It was real easy to drop $20.00 on just parts to make the dang thing work.  Oh well...

Have a great day out there.


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  1. MUD, I truly understand "The Great Cottonseed Oil Conspiracy" deal. Truly, I do.

    I grew up in a (then) little town...not so little now. We had The Riverland Oil Mill right on the Red River. It was in throwing distance of my High School. There is a smell that pervades when you are near a cottonseed oil mill.

    Trust me. There is. I think I got allergic to the smell.

    It's gone now. There is a Boardwalk, with about 80 stores, and 5 Riverboat Casinos there now.

    I shift back and forth in my opionion between which is/was better.