A couple of Days!

There is an old saying about the difference a couple of days make.  The beautiful leaves here at Rabbit Run are well on their way to all falling off the trees.  Especially the  yellow leaves on the hickory trees on the west side of the house.  The 15-30 mile per hour winds have about stripped them all off.  I can look out to the south and see a lot of reds and yellows there but on the topside things are looking bare.  With piles and piles where the wind makes piles.

I would imagine that some time in the next month or so, Barb and I might take another trip down to Shawnee, Oklahoma but it will be with a GPS unit, hiking boots and take three days.  It is kind of a nice diversion but two days is just not enough time.  It took most of yesterday to recover.  We did find a nice Mexican restaurant on the south side of Shawnee.

Here at rabbit Run, we feed birds in the winter months.  They seem to know when the black oil sunflower seeds show up the supply is fairly constant all winter.  We also try to keep a suet block full for the woodpeckers.  There doesn't seem to be a steady overwinter group of finches but there is a flock that passes through in the spring and fall. The finch feeder will be full for a couple of weeks and then bam, it will be empty in a couple of days.  

Yesterday the BIG XII had their annual basketball meeting.  As usual, Kansas has a boat load of talent and will be in the hunt for their 8th consecutive conference championship.   We have some tickets for about 1/3 of the home games so we will get to see them at their best.  The Fog Allen field house in Lawrence is a special place for the Jay Hawks.  The first game we will see them play is our local Washburn University a Div II team that always does well no matter how bad they get their nose bumped by KU or K-State in the preseason.  Coach Bill self uses the early games to give his freshmen a chance to get some clock time and the fans love to see a  game where no matter who plays, it is an up tempo game.  

Better run and see what's on our agenda today.   


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