'Nother daughter

Our Daughter, by another mother, Mel, is here from Austin to attend a couple of weddings this weekend.  The good news is that she is here for a visit and the bad news is that it probably will be at the expense of a Christmas visit.  Ya' can't have everything.  It is really interesting to have her present her less conservative ideas in a manner that doesn't lead to a heated discussion.  

One discussion I had with Mel at breakfast was that I am kind of down right now worrying about just where our country is headed.  She said that she had a discussion with Barbara last night and they agree that things were kind of like waves on the ocean.  We are in the trough right now not the crest and they thing things will get better.   I sure hope they are right. 

One area that Mel and I kind of agreed on was that change is needed and hopefully the pressure on the need for change will be let off by this election and the pot won't explode.  Having lived through the Riots in the 60's, I sure hope that we can remain a country where change can happen without bloodshed.  

It does cause me to wonder why people think Romney is a bad guy.  I see a person that has raised a fine family, been an elder in his church and reached out to help a lot of people.  His work to save the Olympics in Utah was a monumental stroke that saved the Olympics from a failure there at Salt lake City.  I am convinced that he means well and has enough leadership to find ways for us to get out of this mess.  I am always surprised that people ask him about his beliefs and then turn it into what he will do as President.  I really doubt that he has any agenda to outlaw abortion, force us all into the Mormon church or to go to church on Sunday (Or Friday-whatever)  

 The other day, I ran into my cousin at the grocery store.  She like her father and my wife, harbors a tendency to be a little less conservative than I am.  Her husband was there and they are a mixed family like we are.  He is a lot more conservative and they too don't really talk politics much because they love each other and neither one wants to give in on their political position.  His quote was, "When you are young if you don't vote Democratic, you don't have a heart.  When you are older if you don't vote Republican you don't have a brain."   

Oh well, what I want for the USA is to have some light at the end of the tunnel and not to feel that is the headlamp of an on coming train.


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  1. "...or to go to church on Sunday (Or Friday-whatever)..."


    MUD, I'm chuckling, and I can't quit. Funny...