How do we fix it?

The Congress of the United States is faced with a dilemma.  Either they get busy and fix what ails us or the sequestration will start is down that road.  Clearly they need to either fix the tax code, stop spending or cut deductions.  It doesn't matter if the government tries to fix our problems by giving more to people, or more to businesses, somehow we need to get moving down some road.  

How can you cut taxes without stopping some of the deductions?  How can you balance the budget if you don't cut spending?  How can you guarantee anything if you can't get together and talk about out problems in some manner.  

Clearly things have to change and if we do what we did, we will get what we got.  I think four years of spending more money than we have isn't the answer.  Making people dependent on the Government in the form of unemployment didn't work.  

Whatever they do, they better get busy doing it.  Republicans and Democrats alike are going to have to get on board and fix or the voters will.


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