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For some reason I have been in kind of a funk for a few days.  Today we went to Wally World and there were tons and tons of little kids that I got a chance to kid with and laugh.  I even got a smile or two in return.  I guess I either need to get out more or do more smiling.  I don't think of myself as a Grinch but have been accused of such on many occasions.  Even Barb said "Yes Sir Colonel," to one of my comments today.

Once upon a time I taught a class for one of the Major Telephone Companies.  The class was customer service and in addition to teaching the students to use a fairly complicated  system, I had to teach them the ins and outs of customer service.  One Friday evening after our review and test, one of the students asked me why I don't smile more.  I tried to convey that I thought I was smiling a lot and I loved teaching them and interacting with a great class every 6 weeks.   One of the students agreed that they learned a lot and I was a good instructor but I attacked the job like I had a mission.  (My old Colonel Mode)  

Another time, One of my employees came into my office and wondered why I had chewed him out in the e-mail I sent.  I re-read the message and for the life of me did not find it negative.  He did and I guess that's what's important.  I write probably more formal that most people and the 25 years of writing SITREPS, OPORDS and  Military letters just took the smile right out of my written voice.

Oh well, good thing is I'm not running for office and this is not widely read.


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  1. Well MUD, I like your writing style... No BS.