Fall Colors

Our Cooler nights are an indication that the fall colors are starting.  The Hickory tree leaves here are yellow and the 5 leaf ivy (aka Virginia Creeper) is turning red.  It is said that the colors of fall are better when it is dry.  Yes, it has been that and unless the first freeze this weekend kills all the leaves, it will continue to get prettier.  

Someone asked us if we have any travel plans between now and Christmas.  Barb and I both said almost at the same time, "I hope not."  We truly plant to spend time here just enjoying our lives here in the Heartland.  There will be a quick trip to the airport (or two)  as people are coming in for events here, but nothing more our of the area for us.

Social Networking is officially a big deal and the latest information is that some colleges are using them to screen applicants.  Makes me wonder if the future is that businesses will start to screen people using them also.  Why people post some of the stuff they do is a mystery to me.  Did I mention that the other day I noticed that on the edge of my page there was something like 129 bubble requests?  I haven't a clue what it was as I just delete things like that. I have also broke the code and know how to delete game requests.  In the past I had to unsubscribe from certain people now I just delete the games.  I'm sure that I have been the subject of deletes for some of my snarky comments.   Their loss.

Oh well, life and the debates go on. 


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