Interesting Problem

Dave drove the new car for the first time yesterday and for some reason the flap that caused the warm air to blow on the windshield didn't work.  I invited him over and we tore into the dash to find the root of the problem.  Little did I know that a goal of Dave was also to install his fancy dancy radio with more bells and whistles.   We got it all apart and after taking out the controls for the heater found a problem putting the dang thing back in place.  Dave has to work today and I will try to get it back together and working.  I will leave the radio sitting in the backseat because I'm not sure what features he needs. Kind of like the agreement that I have with the wife.  I do function and she does pretty.  I do heat and Dave will do the sound.

Fall has fallen here in the Heartland and even though they are saying cooler each day, they are predicting a pretty strong meeting of fronts with the possibility of severe weather (Tornado's in October is not out of the question).  The leaves are kind of piling up and there is no good reason to rake early with at least 2/3rd of the leaves still on the trees. Maybe the wind will blow the leaves off and down into the forest.

If the current VP takes the AMTRAC train home each night  who is living in the VP Residence in Washington D.C.?  Should be fun to watch tonight and see the young lion debate with the old gray lion.  I wonder if Biden can keep up the smile or will he turn into the attack dog so often as is the case.  I predict that he will become more aggressive than Bob Dole did.

Better get my work clothes on and get busy.


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