Why Not Obama?

In the past few weeks, there has been a running argument about why many of us don't feel that Obama is worthy of another term as president.  
  • He inherited a mess and the republicans are guilty of making that mess.  After four years of spending money like a drunken sailor to fix what is broken, we have a record number of unemployed and on food stamps.   Just how long do we have to give it the old college try before someone says oops, we need to change.
  • The Republicans just sat around and blocked Obama's efforts.  For two years the congress of the US was controlled by the Democrats.  Both houses and they were able to do whatever they wanted.  During that time there was no budget passed by them to show us what they were doing.  If you don't know what you are going to spend in your plan, don't expect any reality to develop.  
  • Obama Care was what we needed.  Perhaps parts of the change was needed.  How about funding Social Security and medicare that are going to fail if we don't fix them.  I agree that the the provision against pre-existing  conditions should be fixed by having some kind of medical insurance that the Government underwrites.  But to put in a provision that makes people pay if they don't enroll in the government program is a step too far. Wait until that provision kicks in.  I'll just leave the part that Nebraska and Louisiana opted out of as a part to buy their votes.  
  • Bush raised the National Debt by four million in 8 years.  Yes, and Obama cut that length of time in half.  
  • Obama supports gay marriage.  Where were you when just this last year Joe Biden spilled the beans and Obama had to acknowledge the change.  The gay marriage is something that will need to be sorted out State by State.  Last time I looked the President doesn't have the power to change the laws on gay marriage.  I support gay marriage but that doesn't mean the laws will change.  
  • Last night Obama said that everyone is painting him as someone that wants to make the size of the government bigger as a part of an effort to put people to work.  If you see a tiger and it has stripes, you can be pretty sure it isn't a lion who doesn't.  I am one of those voters that watch the feet of the politicians not just their words.
  • Romney can't feel what the common man does because he has too much money.  What a wonderful way to be described.  There goes a man that knows how to get a job and make it pay.  After a life of working hard, I have enough to live a comfortable life.  Is it too much to want to keep it that way?
  • Romney doesn't pay enough income taxes.   If the congress of the US wanted Capital Gains to be taxed at the same rate as ordinary income, all they had to do was change the law.  See the second bullet above.  They could have changed the law if they had wanted.  
  • Take all the extra money from the rich and fix what's wrong with the US.  If you took all the rich's money it wouldn't pay back the debt we owe.  We have to find a way to stop the spending or raise the income.  Besides, those guys would probably have the same percentage of the wealth in a few years.  
  • Barack thinks that his grandfather was benefited by the GI Bill to help him pay for his education.  Yes, and that same GI Bill is out there today for those that want to earn it by service and then go to college. 
One of the discussions that is ongoing is equal opportunity vs equal outcomes.  I and most of the people that went to school, got a job and worked hard feel that the equal opportunity is in the right to get up, stand up and make a good life for yourself.  How good and how well you do isn't something that Government can't guarantee.  Romney gave two years of his life as a missionary for his church.  He was a pastor in the Mormon church for 10 years and he saved the Salt lake Olympics from failing.  Don't tell me that he doesn't care about people and have a public spirit.  


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