Cold Weather.

Last night it got down into the 20's and Barb did her best to protect some of her plants.  It looks kind of like a high school toilet paper party happened here as she tried to cover some of the plants with strips of newspaper.  I covered up some of the plants in the garden with drop cloths and plastic sheets but I have little faith that the effort works for a freeze where it might for a frost.  We'll see.

For some reason, the check engine light on the Crown Vic threw a code and when I fixed what it said was wrong, it threw the same code.  It said the oxygen sensor on position one, downstream doesn't like the reading it has.  I might try to put the old sensor in the place where the upstream sensor was and see if that fixes the problem.  I need to find out where the rattle under the car is coming from anyway.  Perhaps this afternoon it will be warm enough.  Or not!

A couple of months ago I was a little worried that we were carrying a balance in the checkbook that was a little big.  Not to worry, taking a couple of trips, paying off a house and buying a car made that problem a non starter.  Please don't feel sorry for us, we are fine, just not as much cash poor, if there is such a thing.  In a month or so, the first half of the property taxes will be out and then the term land poor will be a lot more truthful.  No, I don't need to go back to work, even if it is only standing at the front of the store and saying "Welcome to WalMart."   Did you read that four of the top ten people in the USA have Walton as their last name?   Barbara and I hit the WalMart stores as we travel.  Clean restrooms and  a good place to walk around and who doesn't need travel snacks.


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