Let Barbara's Vote Count

This morning, the phone rang and when I checked out the caller ID, it indicated that it was another one of those ROBO calls that in the guise of asking us questions tries to lean us towards the candidate that paid for the call.  I mentioned to Barb that it had been our second call of the day and she said, "Don't they know my vote doesn't count in Kansas?"

It does seem kind of weird that the State of Kansas would award Barb a Masters Degree in Special Education and then not let her vote count.   At what point will the system change and allow the actual votes elect the actual President?   Haven't we suffered under that system long enough?  I'll bet not even half of the voters know why we had an Electoral College let alone how it really works.

Open Letter to the President - Whomever is elected.

Dear Mr President,

Isn't it about time that you and your party find a way to change the system for electing the President?  Why would we have a system that disenfranchises a Democrat in Kansas or a Republican in California?  I know there are a lot of problems to fix out there in the USA, let this be one that works it's way to the top of the pile. Let Barbara's Vote Count.


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