I see a lot of mention from CNN about twit wits and twitter. Don't people have enough people to talk to without going out and starting discussions with a bunch of people they don't know?  I guess this old person should also tell you that I don't text message either.  I write on this blog for me and if you sign in and read what I write all the better.  If you don't, all the better.  

Today we are hosting a get together for a local congressman candidate.  In the short haul, I believe that I am truly going to vote for the best people I can find and not a straight party ticket.  Tobias Schlingenspieken (no, I didn't make up that name)   is running against Lynn Jenkins who has had her four years and it is time to move on.  He was also the minister that married our son and his in-laws.

The local paper is running a lot of editorials about the write in candidacy of a former County treasurer.  What I don't get is how hard we worked to have her removed and how much money she spent hiring and firing a friend.  Someone that used our system should never be trusted to come back and be a position of trust.  Clearly she was a loose cannon and didn't listen to the County Commissioners. She did open an annex to lessen the traffic in the County Courthouse but when told that her friend did not have the qualifications to be hired, she hired that person anyway.  "One Toke over the line, sweet Jesus, just one Toke over the line."  She couldn't get on the ballot so she is asking for a write-in.  Nope, Ain't gonna do it.  

Tomorrow our 'nother daughter, Mel, will be arriving from Houston.  Her sister is getting married this weekend and she will be here for that and another wedding.  Mel and I disagree on politics but I think as long as we can be civil we can remain friends.  Between having Toby over and mel here for a weekend, Rabbit Run is getting a pretty good cleaning from top to bottom.  Kind of like a spring Cleaning in October.  Yesterday we were able to open the house and let the breeze blow through.  It was a little warm late in the day but nothing we couldn't live with by turning on the A/C for a while about bed time.  Today is to be a repeat of yesterday weather wise but Thursday is to be 30 degrees cooler and a heavy freez over the weekend.  Most of the leaves are down now and no it is just a matter of trying to get them to blow where I want them.  

Better run and finish the last few odd jobs on Barb's - "Denny Do List."


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