Feedin' Birds

In spite of all my years of hunting, you might not think I would be a person that loves to feed and watch birds.  Here I sit watching the flight into the bird seed feeder and enjoying the view.  I just added water to the freeze proof water bowl and so far they haven't made a line to that.  The woodpeckers are visiting the suet block and the finch seed feeder is full just waiting for the fall migration to pass through.

Today is Barb's birthday and we haven't made any plans yet.  I bought her a new telephoto lens for her camera and now need to find a card.  Does filling the candy bowl with M&M's count as chocolate?   It is also our niece Amy Potter's birthday today.  Just a note, it is about the right number of days after New year's eve for a baby conceived on that date to be born.  A couple of years ago I thanked Barb's parents for staying home on New years eve and celebrating.  He dad had been off to the war in Europe and I'm sure that's the new years present he wanted. Did I mention that Barb's parents are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary this month?  I think the kids were planning on the 75th while there at this one.  They are in good health and with a little luck they will make that anniversary.  

I guess it really is fall.  I had to drag some plants into the house and garage to keep them from freezing in the early morning tomorrow.  There is a cold snap blowing with the jet stream.  It will warm up a little next week but not bunches.  

Oh well, I guess there are better things to do so I'd better get to doing some of them.


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