Making Up for Lost Time

Or killing time after a long weekend!  I did have to make a trip to the bank to make a few deposits and fetch some new milk.  A half gallon of milk is $4.07.  We have a dairy up the road that makes the best milk we can buy and it is worth whatever they can charge.  

I had a long discussion with my friend Ken about what he thinks is the coming disaster based on the fall of the dollar.   I heard a lot of good ideas but without preparedness to live if there is a disaster, he was a lot like "Chicken Little" saying the sky is falling.  Not that I mind, I just don't see it as impending as he does.  Yes, I know that in a disaster things could get tough but I don't know very many people that are stockpiling food.  I know a lot of people are telling me that gold is worth a lot of money but when the dollar is worthless, how are you going to break down that gold into a way to buy things.  The only answer that makes sense is money and if you don't own a wheel barrel don't expect to be able to break down a one oz gold coin and carry your change.  As I have been told, during the depression it wasn't just the shortage of money, it was the shortage of anything to buy.  If a Company can't sell things for more than they cost to make, they stop production.  

Is Water the next Gold?  I have listened to several people predict that the abundance of clean water is in danger and water is very vital in the support of life.  I know several ways to make water pure enough to drink and have unpotable water in a well.  Lots of water but not fit to drink straight out of the well.  Here in the Heartland we generally have enough water to grow a garden.  The shortcoming we have is the ability to can up the produce and live off it for the next year.  I can well remember the wonderful produce my grandmother had on the shelves in her fraidy hole/ underground storage room.  ('Fraidy holes are where the smart people go if a tornado appears.)

I guess I'll shut it off here and move on to important things.


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  1. Anonymous12:16 AM

    Sad you feel the need to bash Ken in front of 2.3 billion people this way. SAD...