Don't Mess With Success!

Our family developed a routine a few years back that seems to work well for us.  Being so far from her parents, Barbara and I started spending the Christmas weekend with her family. It didn't hurt that they lived in Southern California.  In response to that, my family started to get together the Saturday before that and have the Petty family weekend then. That gives everyone a chance to have their own private Christmas at home.  It evolved into everyone bring a favorite soup and a White Elephant gift exchange.  We generally eat and visit, followed by the gift exchange.  Our family rule is that we start from youngest to the oldest and pick one gift at a time.  If you see something you want, you can take it away from that person and they open another gift or they get to take one away from someone else.  The only rule is that a gift cannot be taken away more than once in each round.  The first person has the final say and can take home any gift from anyone.  This is fun as the gifts have gone from truly "Basement" finds to gift boxes with Booze in them.  I try to take home my wonderful gift secure in the knowledge that next year there is always re-gifting. My Doctor and my liver have me on a strictly no "booze for you" routine

Barbara is so sneaky.  She has a telephoto lens and stands clear across the room as people open their gifts.  She get in most cases a candid photo of the participants and I love to see the looks on the faces of people that have just opened their gift.  

Normally Barb is not in the photos.  I picked up her camera and took this one

I had the opportunity to spend some time with the kids (21 is probably the average age for that group) and to see what they truly think about all of the events unfolding in the world.  Contrary to what the old white Republicans think (Mostly me), they think things will all work out in the end.  They are full of the hope I had at that age.  In spite of the Watts Riots, the assassination of MLK, a war in Vietnam, Watergate and inflation we too moved on.   It was interesting that later on, during the KU game there was an almost continual texting with friends going on.  This multitasking was how they enjoyed the game.  I just enjoyed watching KU win. heck, I still haven't gotten Dave to show me how to set up my voice mailbox.

Speaking of winning, K-State played Florida and won yesterday also.  I am sure that the K-State fans enjoyed that home court win a lot.  many of them are getting ready for a trip south to the Tostitos bowl.  I wish them well and hope they have a fun time.  I am really not a college football fan and the thought of spending hours driving somewhere to see a game I can watch on TV is just not my style.  Especially when I have seen some of those games played in freezing blizzards.

My hope for you all is that for even a moment, you can forget the trials of the world and enjoy something about the holidays.  Between the family, the food and the friendship there just has to be something for you in there. There has been for me.


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