Who Am I Trying to Fool?

I think retirement is a lot like combat.  There are seriously boring times with brief interspersed moment of more action that I need.  The good news is that I can nap here at Rabbit Run and recover quickly.  I am also a lot less likely to die by doing chores than I was doing combat in Vietnam.   

This Christmas we kind of instituted a new rule.  We tried to limit the gift exchange to one gift and for barb and I the new rule.  "If I can't eat it, wear it or read it, we don't need it."    Pretty much worked out.  

This morning it is only 11 degrees here in the heartland.  Out on the flat topside fetching the paper with a pair of sweatpants left the boys a little more exposed that I care for.  Going down to the trail cam out of the wind it was no big deal.  I think I am going to play with the settings tomorrow and change the batteries.  Yesterday was overcast and the pictures were kind of dark.  There were only 18 or so and the deer were there for over a half an hour.  Should have been 60 or 70.  

Daddy Buck

Family Photo
Seems like the turkeys have been on vacation somewhere else lately.  I am back to feeding chopped corn and I do try to spread some around to share with the turkeys.  I think I am mostly feeding  the other birds hanging around here for the winter.  

Oh well. books to read and miles to go.


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