First Snow Storm of the Year

Like the sign says, "If you don't like the weather in Kansas, Wait a Day!"   It was kind of gusty yesterday  and that is typical of a front moving in.  Last night it started to rain about 9 PM and by midnight it was snowing.  This morning we have between 1 and 2 inches of snow stuck to everything.  It is mighty pretty but when you get out the 30 MPH wind picks up those small ice crystals and pelts your face.   Not a good day to be out.  Good day for cookies, hot chocolate and a good book.  It might be hard to tell from the picture, but every branch on the trees have about a 1/2 inch of snow coating them.  Pretty, as in pretty cold.  By this afternoon, the roads will be melted clear and we might finish our one or two things left on our Christmas shopping list.

About 5 PM on the 19th

About 10 AM on the 20th.
 Deep down inside, I know there is a food chain and when I add food to the critters up from the bottom, the varmints higher up the chain will come in to eat also.  The porch was covered with small birds eating some black oil sunflower seeds and all of a sudden they scattered like mad.  One of the birds flew into the window and just as he did, a small hawk grabbed him and flew off.  We have what we found out was a sharp shinned Hawk that lives here in our woods.   There are a lot of Red tailed Hawks nearby but the small sharp shinned Hawk is the main small bird predator. 


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  1. I just noticed the date on your trail cam pictures, 01/20/2012. The deer with the broken leg is probably from a hunting season wound. I doubt it will make through the winter. Ray I.