All I want for Christmas

Being of positive means, I really can't think of anything I really need.  There are a few wants but needs?  If you can't eat it, read it or wear it, I don't need it.  I'm pretty sure that there has to be a closet full of things to wear so I really don't need clothes.  Creeping up from 240 to 245 in the post Thanksgiving gorge, I don't recon I need much to eat.  There are bookcases full of books across the room so I don't need much new to read.  So,  I guess a bag of cracked corn, some black oil sunflower seeds and a suet block or two for the birds is all I really need.  

Yesterday evening I went to Kansas City and saw KU play Oregon.  Fine game in the end and really fun to watch.  Kind of reminded me of a professional game in there was a lot of "one on one" offense and not near enough defense.  Not the kind of team play that Bill Self fosters in his teams.  He does have a bench full of McDonald's All Americans so I guess I really do expect a lot of scoring.  I guess KU will soon fall to the one and done kind of teams the rest of the colleges have.  KU had to play in the Sprint Center  because the Women's Volleyball team is hosting the national Women's Volleyball tournament.  Tonight will be a real challenge as the KU Women will play Wichita State.  I haven't looked at the TV Guide to see if the game will be on TV.  Might be one of those nights where I switch back and forth between games on TV.

I sure hope my Nephew Bob Johnson is better after his surgery.  He has some kind of a fungus in a lung and after surgery to remove a cyst, he had to have an additional round of surgery.  The first round was one of those band aid kind but this time they had to really cut him open.  He is the proud papa to two of the cutest little girls.   It always worries me when there is something major wrong with those younger than me.

We are having a break in the weather and for the first day of December it will be near 70 today.  Perhaps if the clouds hang in there, it won't really get that warm.  

Oh well,  Better get moving for the day.


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