What Horrible Timing for a Blog Name.

Yesterday my blog was called the "World is Safe."  It all about my attempts at making cookies and that I would not "Bench" myself from cookie baking because of poor performance.  Then, the world fell apart in Connecticut.  I cannot fathom the mixture of anger and sadness that must grip that community. With that said, All I can say is everyone should have a gun safe and keep the guns locked up.   Passing new laws when the old ones aren't enforced should tell us enough about our country.  

Just a few short years ago, we emptied the institutions out with the promise that we would provide enough places for the damaged and infirm to get treatment.  What it has produced is a jail and prison system full of people that would have been in the Topeka State Hospital, dry, safe and not a problem to the people in our world.  Now, unless a person is proven to be a hazard the people or themselves, they are sent home with a bottle of pills and a promise.  Sure, in the hospital where someone puts the pill in their hand and watches them take the medicine, they are fine.  What happens when they get out on the street where there is no one to help let alone supervise.  Chaos is inevitable.

Yesterday here in Topeka a little noted article was about a pit bull mauling a two year old and killing her.  It was a rescue dog that a family felt safe around.  Something set the dog off and he killed a little girl.  Makes me sad that someone probably teased that poor dog until he had a real strong fight instinct.  Sad day double time yesterday.

This deer has a broken left leg and is so skinny her ribs show.
Turkey looking at camera
New Feed dish


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