Sittin' in the Dark Jes' Writin'

Barb says it worries her sometimes when she goes upstairs and then later on finds me sitting here in the basement writing on my blog.  It must be the quiet that is so unsettling.  I can't figure out what else it could be?   

There is a first time snow storm headed here to the heartland late today and we might even get a couple of inches of snow.  Some time this morning I am going out to put the rear blade on the tractor and make sure it will start.  I might even work on the Styrofoam dog house and heater device I made to help it start when it really gets cold.  It is somewhere near 40 right now.  

Not sure why, but the critters have not been as plentiful around the trail cam for the last few days.  The normal production is around 50 or 60 pictures and the count has been less than 20 the last couple of days.  The battery pack says it is good for another 25 days but with the cooler weather who knows how well they work.  

Yesterday this was the only thing on the camera.  It is the deer with the hurt rear leg.  I do think she looks a little better and her ribs are not showing as much.  Looks like she still can't use her bad leg.  Come really bad weather she will be in trouble.

I am participating in the Million Veteran Study with the VA.  They have taken a complete medical History and will compare it with my DNA to see if there is anything predictable about my DNA, Behavior, Disease History and how it all fits together.  For those Conspiracy people out there, I gave blood for the Mass Casualty data base years ago and have a blood draw as a part of my physical about once a year so I am not concerned that my DNA will turn up in a data base I don't want it to.  In fact, I'm sure I'm on the top 10 most boring list and most likely to start sewing next.  Or, perhaps the least most likely person to propose to my boyfriend in the White House list.  That's just not the way I bat but whatever floats their boat.

Well, better get rolling, smiles to go and it will soon be time to get together with the family. Merry Christmas, Kwanza, happy holidays or whatever.  

 Here's hoping the Jayhawks  can keep putting it together.  They sure are a fun bunch to watch.


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