The World is Safe!

Yesterday I attempted another batch of peanut butter cookies and they were OK.  Not up to Barb's standards but OK.  My threat was that if this batch didn't turn out OK, my career as a cookie maker was over.  I think my error on the first batch was that I mixed up a couple of recipes in the cook book as I was making them and missed the 3/4 cup of brown sugar.  Throw that in with the fact that I used a hard sugar and didn't cream the sugar, egg and shortening and the cookies were just so un-tasty that Barb just found them a home in the trash.  I did manage to eat two of them with Nutella between them but they were a lot like eating a picnic on the beach.  

Yesterday Barb and i were out at lunch and had lunch with our Daughter-in-law.  It was a nice visit and then we went shopping.  I went to Orchelins, a town and Country store and found some whole corn and some "Deer Feed."   Last night as I was watching TV, I kept catching a whiff of something that smelled funny.  I tracked it down to the deer pellets with some kind of magic berry flavor added to make it irresistible to the deer.  

This was taken at 5:00 PM
Yesterday about 5 PM I took a pan of the new stuff down on the trail and 8 minutes later the deer were there eating.  This morning the turkeys were cleaning up the last of the cracked corn.  

5:08 PM
I guess the deer were hungry. You can see the new pan I bought to help the feed stay out of the dirt.

This morning the turkeys were here with their bellies empty.

Oh well, Its my camera and my yard and I don't shoot with anything but a Train Cam.


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  1. You should have given them your peanut butter cookies.