Simple Look at a Complex Problem

As many of you are, I am tired of the term Fiscal Cliff.  Those with an ounce of smarts put together a select team to find a way to fix what is broken in our fiscal policy. This was something they made to tell us what they need to do.  It isn't a cliff, it is a call to action for them and they need to get to fixing it damn quick. Simply put, they have to take in more and spend less.  For this Blog, I will leave out the Law of Unintended Consequences and try to focus on the ways to fix it in my humble opinion.

I don't care for the term filter down or float up.  Either way, it is congress's job to set the priorities and spend our money on that list.  Here are just a few ways as I see it:

  • Raise the Tax rate on everyone.  This is not just a problem for the rich, everyone needs to bleed a little.  I'm not saying to apply that at the same rate for everyone unless we go to a flat tax.  I will discuss that tomorrow.
  • Cut out the tax shelters or deductions.  Call it what you want, it will enhance revenues.  Why does our Government subsidize the size of the house I buy?  If I want two or three kids, why don't I have to pay for them?  Don't get me started on Depreciation of assets.   In my opinion, money is money and tax it all the same.  Bonuses, benefits and investment revenue should all pay the same. 
  • Cut the entitlements.  I would rather see my Social Security Benefits go down a little than have to pay more, and more, and more.   Someone said that I probably paid $137,000 in medicare taxes over my lifetime and will probably will use $300,000 (+).  Yes, and congress started taking that money when I could have invested it and had the $300,000 to pay the medical costs.  Someday learn about the net present value of money. Don't blame me because they forgot to lock that safe and spent the money.  Ditto on Social Security, railroad Retirement and such.
  • Decide what the hell we really want our military to do and find a force that is that size.   I don't want to eliminate the Military, just find a way to make it fit our National Priority.  Believe me, I think that having a Reserve and National Guard is redundant.  Give the Army Reserves to the Guard and the Air Guard to the Air Force reserves.  One or 'tother.  I would simplify the forces to a Ground Force, a Navy Force and an Air Force.  Cut out the Coast Guard and the marines.  Yes, I know this recommendation makes me as popular as polio.
  • Focus the Internal revenue Service on the collection of taxes at the source of payment.  Quit looking at those of us that are paying our taxes and focus on the places where they should be paid.  
The first thing I would do is make damn sure that the Congress is subject to the same laws and get paid out of the same pot as everyone else.  I would put a bounty on anyone that didn't say this is our problem and not the fault of __________________. (Insert Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Liberal or Libertarian here)  Fine those people a couple thousand dollars each time they blame someone else.  

Oh well, more tomorrow.  Perhaps I'll have a stroke of sanity and my blood pressure will be back down by then.

Something Smells and I don't like it


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