Wintertime Cooking

One of the things I love about wintertime is that if you are bored you can always cook a pot of soup.  We try to stock up on the basic ingredients when we shop and are seldom out of everything.  I have canned stocks, stocks in a carton and bullion (Beef and Chicken) on hand most of the time.  I find the petite diced tomatoes add a great flavor to any soup.  Leftovers are the main ingredient.  I don't get to use my smoked turkey or the pork roast in the soups as they wind up in the enchiladas I love.  Throw a pkg of frozen shrimp in the freezer and a couple pounds of potatoes in the pantry and you can whip up a good soup about anytime.

For the Petty family dinner, I made a fancy pot of soup using collard greens and Kale.  Last night I made frozen cut leaf spinach with dinner and it hit me that it would have been just as good in the soup and much easier. I have found that our local grocery store has started carrying strips of peppers and one had the pkgs of the trinity or onions, celery and carrots. I couldn't get the spell checker to even recognize the french term. 

This morning I made the snickers dip for our New years bash.  It is basically cream cheese, frozen dessert topping and ground up snickers bars.  I have graham crackers to use as the dipping tool.  I may buy a couple of granny smith apples when I am out today.  I have made the same dip using shrimp and Green onions but Barb doesn't like shrimp much.  

Oh well, better get cracking or cooking and get on with my day.

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