Don't You Hate Red Tape?

A while back, I had a meeting engagement with the VA over a simple hearing test to see just how bad 30 years of Army service in the Artillery had damaged my hearing. I was told when I was discharged that the VA would do a hearing test when I got to the point that my wife complained.  I went to the VA and was issued a pound of paper to even see if i qualified for a hearing test. The final encounter was that I was not deaf enough to be issued hearing aids but the constant ringing in my ears qualified me for a 10% disability.  The catch 22 in that deal was that they would pay me 128 dollars a month but it had to be taken out of my Military Retirement check for my combined years of service.  OK, it was a transfer of the money into a Tax Free form that I don't hate, it was the law of unintended consequences kicking in that I hate.

Sure enough they notified me of an adjustment in my retirement check very soon after they declared me subject to a constant ringing in my ears.  Tinnitus?   After a couple of months I finally got my first check in the mail for $128.00 along with a stern warning that the Government thought that my getting a real check was an imposition and I needed to have that changed.  For some reason, I assumed that they would just deduct the $128.00 out of the one electronic deposit and make another for $128.00.  WRONG!   Being the busy person that I am, I figured that I would get around to it soon enough. Surely $128.00 was not hardly worth any notice by the Federal Government. Again, WRONG!

Yesterday I got an official Government letter that told me I was in violation of some Federal Requirement and if I didn't call some 1-800 number I would stop getting any Government payments.  OK, Fair warning is enough for me and I called the number and got what was either a trainee or the least informed Government worker I have ever dealt with.  Having a background in Government and in teaching Customer service for a call center, I am expert in spotting someone that really doesn't care what I want.  The lady launched into her speech and when I asked her to slow down she acted offended.    She had a list of five things she wanted me to have and that was that.  I politely informed her that I was calling because of her letter and there was nothing on that letter that indicated I needed half of what she was asking for.  Not being stupid, I was prepared to give her all the identification she would need and the banking information to send the check to.  beyond that, if they would put additional requirements in a letter to me I might be able to share with them the name of the person I was dealing with and what I thought of her crappy service.   For some reason that broke the ice and we began again to start the process rolling.

Last four of my Social, My Mailing Address, the amount and source of the check and all the Banking information.  Then I was informed that this might take a couple of months to get into the system and I should get a letter in the next 7-10 days to notify me that the change would take effect.  Peachy, I will report later on if any of this came to any good end or if it was a waste of time. 

MUD Feeding the Deer

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