More of the Same!

Yesterday I addressed the problem with the impending need to change our spending and taxing methods.  Today I will approach the problem with a different thought.  

I think the congress of the United States should let the provisions of the Fiscal Cliff happen and perhaps the voters out here in the Heartland will realize they all need to be like a stinky diaper, changed.  Here's why.

I never will understand where we got the idea that unless we are engaged in a full out war, the congress can spend more than they take in.  You and I can't do that very long and 16 or 17 trillion would sure wreck havoc on our credit rating. We elect the congress to enact laws and fund them. 

Now, with that said, lets play the game of guess what can happen.  This rule kicks in as the law of Unintended Consequences.  If we cut Government spending to the bone, it will cause us to have a period of recession.  How deep that will go is just not known.  The cuts in Military spending will cause unemployment to skyrocket as the size of the Military falls.  There are a bunch of people that are retired that are working for the Government to support the fact the Military is trying to do everything they are asked to do.  They will find themselves out of work.

Any program that gives the States more money than they send to the federal Government will be cut back and there will be a requirement for the States to ask for additional funds from their citizens - further adding to the depth of a recession.  The additional police, teachers and support staff for Federal programs will be cut.  Deeper recession.

Can all this add up to enough to send us from a recession into a depression?  I don't know and I'm not sure I want to just hide and watch when it does.  

Again, I call for the voters to listen to the congress as they play the blame game and tell us that everyone but themselves are to blame.  



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