Guns, Guns and More Guns

There is no simple solution to the problem of people killing other people with guns.  It is kind of crazy to have a country based on freedom and then have laws that inhibit what the basic tenants of that freedom are.  I contend that we need to focus on how not why.   Every gun comes with a serial number and that is the way they should be recorded.  To have a proper serial numbered gun is fine but remove the serial number and that gun should be destroyed.  Every owner should have a gun safe to lock the guns in and they need to be locked up when not in use.  If you have a loose gun and someone gets hurt, you go to jail and loose your right to bear arms.  Children should be taught by everyone to leave guns alone and report them to an adult if they turn up in strange places.   Commit a crime with a gun and you forever lose your right to bear arms.  PUNISH THE BAD ACTORS, LOOK FOR SOLUTIONS AND DON'T SPEND MILLIONS LOOKING FOR REASONS WHY.

One major thing I have said above is they there is never a good reason why people do anything.  One of the headlines in today's paper was that they were going to examine why the Connecticut shooter shot those people.  In almost all instances, the why is never found, just the how.   Trying to find out why in normal people is difficult, in abnormal people, the why is dang near impossible.  The first problem there in Connecticut was the mother taught an autistic child to shoot guns and left them where they were available to a person with an inability to connect with people.  Teach him to read, paint but leave the guns out of the life of an impaired child. 

Our congress is facing one of the biggest problems in our fiscal history and yet the new cry is to have them work on gun control to keep shootings down.  I am not sure they are capable of doing anything that is to our favor let alone mess with one of the rights given us by the constitution.  The second amendment is our right to bear arms.  I think it is symbolically put there to remind out government that they are the servant of the people and we are given the right to bear arms and oppose the Government if it really goes off the rails.   I think we can all point to Government programs that have been based on good intentions and the laws of unintended consequences that put the solution in the tank.  In the 60's, it seemed like a good idea to build Government Housing so everyone could have a safe house to live in.  What it did was to accumulate the poor in one place and make it easy for the gangs to take advantage of those poor people.  Take away the community and you soon had chaos.  

Social Security was a good idea but it lost its way in all of the rhetoric.  There were people out there that more than earned their benefit but a lot of people were included in the program far above what they ever put in.  In the distant past, families stayed together to provide homes, shelter and safety to the old people.  Social Security took over that role and we lost the focus on taking care of people.  This is not mean, only the inevitable result of  a system where the Government is given a responsibility we all should own. 

A couple of years ago, I was in a school as a substitute teacher and the school announced a "Code Blue." ( It could have been a Code Red but the color was not important.)  As soon as it was announced, the halls were cleared and the class room doors were locked.  It seems there was one child out of control and they were in the process of moving him to a secure room.  I don't know why every school doesn't have the ability to lock all the doors and keep bad guys out of the reach of the children.  There should be a security check point and everyone should be screened.  It works for airports...

Oh well, on with the day.


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